09 Computer Games You Can’t Miss


Suppose you think video games peaked with Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. In that case, you’ll want to look at this list of great computer games you probably missed the first time. Maybe you spent so much time playing these games back in the ’80s and ’90s that you forgot all about them, or perhaps they were so obscure that they escaped your notice entirely. No matter the reason, you will want to check out these great 09 Computer Games You Can’t Miss (assuming they still exist).


The world of video games is enormous. So enormous that it can be hard to keep track of all the different titles. With so many amazing, immersive games to choose from, it’s not surprising that we sometimes overlook a gem. When reading through this list of some of the best computer games ever made, don’t let your eyes skim over any unfamiliar titles – they’re all worth checking out!

Sid Meier’s Civilization

Civilization is a turn-based strategy game that you can play alone or with up to eight other players. Civilization is set in our past and present world, with a futuristic twist. In Civilization, you take control of one of many civilizations, and your goal is to lead them through thousands of years of history. All the while developing new technologies, building an army, improving your culture and sending people into space.

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is a co-op game featuring four different campaigns where a team of up to four players faces off against hordes of zombies that randomly spawn in various locations. The objective is to make it from one end of the level to the other without dying. This game is incredibly atmospheric in the southern United States, and I cannot help but feel tense during each play-through. As you progress through the levels, your weapons and ammo will become more powerful, but so will your enemies. This can lead to some tense situations where you’ll need to work together as a team or be overrun.


This game is a creative sandbox that you can use to build anything you want. Its world is expansive, and there are many things to see and do. Minecraft is one of the best games for encouraging creativity, as it has no objectives or end goal. This means that it’s entirely up to you what your goals are: maybe you want to build a medieval castle, or your ambitions extend beyond the sky. Whatever they may be, Minecraft will support them.

World of Warcraft

Some people first find World of Warcraft overwhelming, but it’s a great way to spend time with friends. Plus, you’ll be part of an immense and thriving community. It’s one of the best MMORPG games out there.

Super Meat Boy

Overall, Super Meat Boy has very old-school gameplay that’s difficult but rewarding for those who manage to complete it. It is a challenging game, which may turn some people away, but the retro graphics and upbeat music keep the mood light and fun despite all the frustration. It features a handful of unlockable characters like Bandage Girl and Dr Fetus with their abilities and various levels like ice or fire. The game best suits players who enjoy a challenge and don’t mind feeling frustrated at times because they will indeed feel both during their time playing this game!


Dota 2 is a free multiplayer online battle arena game that is played by millions of players all over the world. It’s free to play and available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and SteamOS. One of the best features of Dota 2 is its constantly evolving, with new heroes being introduced periodically into the game. Plus, playing Dota 2 can be much more fun when you match yourself with people of your skill level.


In Terraria, you must explore the vast landscape in search of items to fight off darkness, build shelter and stave off any enemies that come your way. When night falls, the world is plunged into complete darkness. It becomes a treacherous time for even the most experienced explorers. There are many different biomes to be discovered in Terraria, each with its challenges and surprises. The game also has an extensive collection of melee and ranged weapons to try out and hundreds of armour sets that protect everything from spikes to fire. With all these things to do, it’s no wonder this game has such a large fan base!

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot is the original PlayStation mascot. The original game was released in 1996. The N. Sane trilogy is a remaster of the first three Crash games with new graphics, animations and sound effects. It’s a must-play for anyone who grew up on this series.

The first Crash Bandicoot game had a complicated control scheme that was difficult to master. Still, once you get your head around it, you’ll be leaping across platforms, spinning into enemies and collecting gems like there’s no tomorrow! The N. Sane Trilogy also has online leaderboards, giving you something to aim for once you beat all three games!

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