8 mobile games you’ll be addicted to in 2022


The mobile gaming industry will continue to grow as more and more people get their hands on smartphones and tablets, but with the industry changing so fast, it’s hard to predict which companies and games will stand out in 2022. These five mobile games are all expected to break through over the next few years, giving you plenty of reasons to look forward to the future of this growing industry.

8)Raid Shadow Legends.

Though raids are still very early, they’re already more enjoyable than any other form of mobile gaming. If you want an MMO experience, it doesn’t get any better than raiding with friends. Add that Raid: Shadow Legends is one of few free-to-play MMOs (and one of two on our list), and it has a lot going for it. The game also features some of the best graphics from a mobile title, making it easy to lose yourself in its world. Just don’t forget your charger!

7)Mafia City.

Released as an Android game in 2012, Mafia City soon became a worldwide phenomenon. Why? This is one of those rare games that takes what we think we know about gaming and flips it on its head. Set in 1930s New York (but with 1920s technology), players assume control of their boss – except instead of killing people for money, your job is to pay people off, so no one ever suspects you’re running a crime syndicate. You also use illegal substances – such as marijuana and heroin – for profit rather than assault rifles and grenades. The result is an incredibly immersive experience unlike anything else available today. And if you’ve ever wanted to run a drug cartel but didn’t want to risk getting arrested or killed, Mafia City lets you live out your fantasy without any consequences! The best part? It’s free to play! So go ahead and download it now!

6) Dice Dreams

You’re sitting on a train during a long, boring commute when suddenly, you hear an odd noise. You look up just in time to see an out-of-place man rolling a strange collection of dice around his hand and laughing maniacally. What is he doing? You wonder. And then it hits you: that man was playing Dice Dreams! In 2022, Dice Dreams will become one of the most popular board games ever created – for a good reason, too: it’s brilliant. Before we get into what makes it so great, though, let’s back up and talk about how Dice Dreams works.

5) Elvenar.

Elvenar is a sci-fi strategy game where two or more players are thrust into a world similar to Earth’s past. You will become an Emperor who needs new lands to colonize. To do so, you need resources and armies—you will build cities and trade for them through your travels. The goal of Elvenar is to become strong enough that nobody can stand against you; to win, your opponent must surrender or have their capital destroyed.

4) Sunrise Village.

Perhaps my favorite game of all time, Sunrise Village, is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that will truly give you an experience like no other. Its focus on a community is what sets it apart from other similar games. The gameplay is typical RPG-style exploration, combat, and questing, with hundreds of items and quests to explore. Players develop their avatars by spending skill points earned by completing quests or slaying monsters–just like almost every other game.

3) Forge of Empires.

Forge of Empires is a city simulation game where players must build their kingdom, develop technology and trade with other players. The game features six playable factions and 80 different types of buildings. With so many options, it’s easy for players to develop a deep connection with their civilization. Now that it’s on smartphones, Forge of Empires will surely make new fans as it expands its empire further into mobile gaming.

2) Asphalt 9:

Games are more immersive, lifelike and exciting than ever. Gaming is entering an unprecedented new phase where virtual reality is becoming readily available, which means that soon all of our favorite games will become as realistic as life itself. Asphalt 9: Legends, a game developed by Gameloft and released on February 8th, 2017, will stand out among them. Asphalt 9: Legend was a huge hit for its gorgeous graphics and impressive gameplay. This racing game puts you into a fast-paced world filled with high-performance cars and tough opponents—and wins when it comes to both of these aspects.

1) PUBG Mobile

PUBG is a massive online multiplayer game that launched in March 2017 and quickly gained popularity. The premise of PUBG is pretty simple: You’re dropped on an island with 99 other players, each armed with an arsenal of weapons. The goal? To kill everyone else.

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