Using Whatsapp Automation For E-commerce In 2023


With the rise in the trend of online e-commerce stores, Whatsapp automation came out as an important tool used for the conventional marketing strategy. It makes communication and interaction possible as well as feasible all the time for the companies.

This blog will explore some of the best strategies for increasing E-commerce sales with the help of Whatsapp Automation.

Whatsapp Automation – Shift In The Trend

Before diving deeper into the functionality and benefits of Whatsapp Automation, let’s quickly go through the definition of the term.

Basically, it is automating all types of event-related conversations, chats, and invites with the help of API technology driven by Whatsapp. In addition to this, technology also includes features such as sending event invites, follow-up emails, broadcasting messages, and much more.

Significantly, there are two platforms of WhatsApp for two different purposes. The Whatsapp Business App is available for download from the play store while businesses have to take permission from the API team to run businesses.

One big advantage of using WhatsApp Business APIs is that they can easily integrate with 3rd party services or any other automation platforms.

Whatsapp Automation – Easy Integration Process with E-Commerce

Nowadays, most of the growing startups and companies are looking for Whatsapp as a good and reliable source for the creation of brand awareness and building the credibility of their new brand in the market.

However, there is a drawback to using this service as it does not operate on multiple devices in real-time. You can easily integrate with WhatsApp by entering your address, working hours, website name, social media URLs, and many other relevant details.

After completing verification by the Whatsapp team, your profile is ready to roll in. The major highlight of Whatsapp Automation is that it allows you to connect with customers directly as well as on a daily basis. Additionally, you can also share relevant information on the latest updates and topics to keep your potential customers updated.

Prominent Benefits of Using e-Commerce Whatsapp Chat Bots

Undoubtedly, with more than 2 billion customers, Whatsapp is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to messaging applications. While keeping in mind the intensity of users spending time on the app, businesses are focusing on pushing orders directly over WhatsApp –

A Convenient Option for the Customers

The significant advantage of using Whatsapp Automation for online shopping is you don’t have to download any sort of third-party app for the same. All types of order-related details, and queries. Returns etc. can be done with Whatsapp Automation.

Personalization Option

With the gathering of data from the users, WhatsApp tries to customize the user experience by making it more immersive and personalized. This is very crucial for building loyalty as well as the credibility of your product or service.

Hosting Promotional Campaigns

Any type of brand promotional campaign can easily execute over Whatsapp Business with the help of Whatsapp for events API. However, these are sent as message templates. In addition to this, for sending the same templates to more than one individual, groups can be helpful by listing customers according to their interests and likes.

Customizable Button Designs

To gain the attention of more customers, buttons are easily customizable with the help of Whatsapp message templates. These buttons thus guide users to go to your website. For event registration as well as ticketing, WhatsApp plays an important role for event sponsors.

Top 3 methods for Small Businesses to Use WhatsApp Automation

Boosting Communication with the Customer

Automating WhatsApp conversations may assist you in developing a reliable, long-lasting relationship with your customers. With the help of chatbots, customers feel more connective with your service and no trust issues arise.

Companies invest a significant amount of cash in customer engagement, but the outcomes often don’t match the inputs. With WhatsApp automation, engagement levels can increase by about 75–80%, which is difficult to achieve with conventional methods.

Resolving Customer Queries

The WhatsApp Business API is brought into use for customer care. Queues, unopened messages, and delayed responses are no longer necessary. Your customers will almost always prefer messaging you on WhatsApp to dialing a service number or filing a support request.

A chatbot for frequent questions and issues could be set up on WhatsApp, and when the bot is unable to resolve the problem, it can be forwarded to a member of your staff. Technology also makes it possible for more verbal interaction. Whatsapp Automation is also authentic because of its spam-free content, unlike emails and other promotional messages.

Effective Marketing Tool

WhatsApp has the potential to be a very effective marketing tool. It works well as a direct medium of communication. Key communications metrics like the quantity of sent and read messages are very well provided by the WhatsApp API for Business. Additionally, you may send ad visitors directly to WhatsApp using Facebook’s sophisticated targeting feature, which can improve conversion rates.

Customers from all over the world can see your products’ images, short video clips, music recordings, etc. via WhatsApp. There are no prior format requirements whatsoever in comparison with emails or other messaging functions.

Whatsapp For Internal Communication

Instead of spending money on some other communication platform, based on the size of the company, you can use the WhatsApp Business App as an internal communication system. Over a billion individuals use WhatsApp on a regular basis worldwide. So, no one must be taught how to use WhatsApp. Compared to emails, WhatsApp might be far more efficient and accessible.

Without going elsewhere, you can create teams or groups based on company activities and send instant messages. Individuals who utilize PCs and laptops for work can use WhatsApp Web.

Summing Up

The WhatsApp integrations for e-commerce will help you in simplifying communications. In addition to this, they are also chosen to lower the burden put on your human resources department across divisions. Your e-commerce website, CRM and ERP solutions, event ticketing systems, are all linkable with your WhatsApp chatbot.

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